Saturday, March 28 2015

Relation of Breastfeeding and Intelligence

Breastfeeding has always been believed to be one of the best ways from a mom to protect her kids from any ailments, as well as providing them with all the nutrients they need. Based on many long term studies, mom’s milk contains the healthiest contents, with all the important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients packed into it. It is no wonder that that a study has recently revealed a link between intelligence and breastfeeding. It is believed that babies who are exclusively breastfed are likely to have higher IQ.

This long term research is taken place in Brazil, and has been dealing with 3,500 babies so far. They are taken from random social classes and economic background. It turns out that those having been breastfed exclusively and, on longer period of time, score higher IQ points when they are tested as adults. Health experts claims that from the current evidence alone, it is simply a fact that babies should get their rights of getting exclusive breastfeeding milk for at least six months – although the results of the study isn’t thoroughly conclusive. However, the option is back again to the moms, whether they want to do it or not.


Facts and Controversies

There are so many things and also controversies going on about breastfeeding. Some moms claim that they can’t produce the needed milk, forcing them to turn to formula. However, another scientific study reveals that only 1 of 10 women really can’t produce milk and it is caused by their special condition or unique genetics. The conclusion is: most women don’t have problems producing milk for their babies; but the fact that whether they are strong willed enough to give their milk to their babies is the one that will determine the result.

Most moms complain that they don’t produce enough milk, so they turn to formula. This is when things go wrong, because most moms don’t get their fact straight. They aren’t supposed to produce abundance of milk at the first time since a new born baby has very small stomach – only a size of a marble – so they can’t really take too much milk. As they grow bigger, their stomach expands and they can take more milk. When moms keep breastfeeding their babies, their milk production will adjust to their babies’ needs and they will end up producing enough milk. Unfortunately, moms who are concerned that ‘they aren’t ‘producing enough milk’ mostly turn to formula, which isn’t helpful to boost the milk production. In the end, formula will obstruct the production of the milk, making these moms left out with not enough milk for their babies’ needs. That’s why it is crucial that moms know the right facts, so they won’t fall into misleading and mistakes.

Exclusive Breastfeeding

Now it is found out that not only babies will have better immune system, but they are also likely to have higher IQ – all thanks to the breastfeeding activity, which seems easy and simple, but turns out very complicated and can be depressing for moms who have to go through with it. Health experts still advice that exclusive breastfeeding is given exclusively for six months, and it is mom’s option whether they want to continue it to the next 2 years for the health benefits of their babies.

Of course, intelligence is determined by different and many factors; not only the breastfeeding factor. Dr. Bernardo Lessa Horta, the man responsible for the study from Pelotas Federal University in Brazil, claims that he is trying to offer new perspective based on the population he is studying. He is trying another unique insight to prove that breastfeeding is evenly distributed and practiced across social class, so it is not exclusively done by the educated and the rich only. Most of the babies are breastfed, although the length of the time varies, from a month and less to over a year. But babies who have longer breastfeeding have higher intelligence score than those who experience shorter breastfeeding period. Moreover, they are also likely complete schools and other education as well as earning higher wage.

The Long Term Positive Impact

The reason why breastfeeding can lead to higher IQ is believed by Dr Horta to be the result of the long chain of saturated fatty acids (found in the milk) that is very important for the brain development. But still, the research isn’t conclusive enough and further researches are still needed to prove the solid relation between intelligence and breastfeeding.

So far, the many health benefits of breastfeeding for babies have been found and confirmed. Evidences about the relation of breastfeeding with better health have been found – one of which that includes infant gastrointestinal infections or reduced respiratory, claimed National Director of Public Health and Wellbeing England, Kevin Fenton. But then again, it is up to the moms since not all of them are able or even chooses to breastfeed. Some moms need positive and mental supports since they are not all confident about their own condition and ability.

Black Family - mother nursing

The Chairman at Royal College of Paediatrics and Child’s Health committee, Dr Colin Michie, says that researches concerning connection between breastfeeding and IQ have been conducted for many years, but only the recent study focuses on other factors like educational achievement, income at the age of 30, and also the high size of the samples – making this research a powerful one. Dr. Michie also claims that breastfeeding is only one factor –of many – that contribute to the kid’s outcome, but the study is more about the enhanced and continued promotion of the many benefits of breastfeeding that isn’t only good for the babies, but also for the moms.

From this result, hopefully, many more moms are aware of the health benefits and legacy that they can pass on to their kids, making them more confident of their own ability as well as keeping on fighting to develop better generation. Breastfeeding may not be the only way for them to create healthier and smarter generations, but it is at least providing the very basic and solid foundation.

Thursday, March 26 2015

Juices Recipes for Acne and the Important Substances

Most people think that acne is ‘just’ a common skin problem that can be easily tackled away or gotten rid off easily. Well, you can say that to people who have been combating acne for as long as they live and see how they react to that statement. You see, for some people, acne isn’t just a skin problem; it is THE problem that they have tried to deal with, but somehow they fail miserably. Lots of people are willing to spend thousands of dollars only to be disappointed that none of the methods they try really work. Well, if acne is your problem, you may want to try different juice recipes for acne – trying to fight off the issue from within.

You see, you need daily servings of important minerals and vitamins that won’t only keep you healthy and well, but also fight off the acne naturally. You can always try different medications, but I don’t think it is the best answer for long-term setting. Moreover, consuming the juices won’t only heal the acne naturally and healthily from within, but improve your condition in overall retrospect. You certainly want healthier and softer hair with clearer and more glowing skin when the acne is eliminated, don’t you?


Spicy Sweet Potato

It may not seem like the ordinary recipe, with sweet potato being mixed with the carrots. However, both carrots and sweet potato is filled with vitamin A, the acne fighting vitamin. Sweet potato is rich in phytochemicals, very effective substance to boost immunity and fight off cancer, while carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is good for your eyesight. The spicy taste from the ginger will make nausea go away; plus, it is good for your immune system. Combine 2 sweet potatoes, 4 carrots, and half inch of ginger. If you want to add another spice, add cinnamon to make the flavor spark.

The Kale Whale

If you are into green veggies, this is the perfect punch for you. But if you aren’t, it takes a while to get used to the flavor. In the end, you will like the fresh and yummy sensation of cucumber, kale, and parsley combined. Carrots and kale are rich in vitamin A, and when you add the apple, it adds the natural sweetness to the mix. Don’t peel the cucumber and the peel since they are packed with folate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and also antioxidants. The whole mix is packed with vitamin C and A. simply throw in a cucumber, an apple, 3 carrots, half bunch of parsley, and a cup of kale into the blender or juicer, and have it a go. If you want to serve it cold, leave it a while in the refrigerator.

The Coco Splash

Coconut water is refreshing and also tasty. This recipe isn’t only good for acne, but it is also yummy and tasty. The cantaloupe is rich in vitamin A, while coconut water is packed with micro and macro elements, like calcium, iron, potassium, cuprum, natrium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulfur. Simply mix a glass of coconut water and one half of cantaloupe (peeled), and you can enjoy this refreshing drink right away.


The Green Lemonade

It is a basically classic juice with a little bit of veggie infusion. The cucumber is great for refreshment, while kale is rich in vitamin A and also B2, which is responsible for reducing stress. When you stress out, the more acne you will get. Lemons are filled with vitamin C and antioxidants, the natural vitamin for the skin that will brighten up your complexion. Peel off two lemons, add two peeled cucumbers, and 3 kale leaves. If you want to add the minty freshness, add mint, and you are good to go!

The Important Ingredients

If you want to combat acne from within, you want to have these substances within your daily juices:

• Vitamin C, which is ascorbic acid. It is a type of antioxidant that will improve the strength of body’s connective tissue as well as helping to heal wounds. It is also packed with all the good stuffs to boost your immune system as well as helping combating free radicals that cause early aging, health problems, and deteriorating skin conditions. You can find vitamin C in oranges, strawberries, kiwis, mangoes, and peppers. • Vitamin A, which is retinol. It is fat soluble vitamin that is very handy to prevent infections as well as improving skin health. You can find it in carrots, mangoes, broccoli, sweet potatoes, papaya, and spinach. • Beta carotene, a potent antioxidant and mostly found in orange or red veggies and fruits. • Antioxidants, which are powerful and important disease fighters. Veggies and fruits with darker colors – like purple, blue, or red ones – generally have higher level of antioxidants • Vitamin E and K, which are the important vitamins for the skin. They help reducing scarring as well as boosting healing and recovery process. It is mostly found in green leafy veggies. • Zinc, which helps acne by repairing the tissue, soothing the irritation on the skin, and reducing the production of sebum. You can find from raspberries, blackberries, Swiss chard, and pomegranates. • Sulfur, which is important to fight off acne. It is generally found in papaya, tomatoes, watermelon, broccoli, pineapple, and kale. • Copper, which helps renewing and repairing the skin collagen, mostly found in kale, kiwi fruit, mango, and blackberries. • Calcium, which soothes the skin and renew the skin cells. It is mostly found in broccoli and other green leafy veggies. • Magnesium, which is important to balance out the hormone. It is found in green leafy veggies and spinach



• It is crucial that you choose organic materials that are healthier – not to mention that you need to consider the pesticide factor. • Juicing is good, but everything has its own limit. Taking too much juice isn’t good for your health either, as it may affect your digestive system or even will make your acne problem get worse. • Always consult your doctor. Learn about your condition and how you can incorporate healthy juicing in the right and proper manner. It will also reduce any health risks and side effects.

Friday, March 20 2015

Autodesk’s Commitment in Education: Tinkerplay and Other Apps

We are pampered with technology these days; after our professional lives and our entertainment enjoyment have been made easy with all those technologies and perks, now there are more perks that we can enjoy from the most current development. Well, the existence of 3D printer isn’t something very new and current, but still….it is more than enough to accommodate some of your needs. And when Autodesk is coming into the platform and combine the 3D printing technology with the new application – especially designed for kids – everything is just marvelous and superb.


Understanding 3D Printing

Some people may have been familiar with the 3D printing system, while some aren’t. It is basically a printing process that makes three dimension solid objects out of digital files or data. Additive process is the main focus to create the 3D printed items. You see, an additive process is when different materials’ successive layers are laid down one by one until a full solid object is created. The layers are viewed as thin slices of horizontal cross sections from each object that seems to be ‘stacked up’ to create a whole and complete object.

The 3D printing works by you making a virtual design and data from the object. You can use CAD file that has its own 3D modeling program or a 3D scanner. The modeling program is generally used to create a new object, while the scanner is used to copy an already existing object. The digital file will be then slice up the object into different horizontal layers (it can take hundreds or even thousands). When it is uploaded into the printer, the printer will then assemble the layers one by one, and you can get a complete item in the end. The cool thing about this printer is that there won’t be any sign of layering, so it will look like as if the object is created in one solid form.

Autodesk’s Application and Purpose

So, what’s the correlation between a 3D printing technology with Autodesk’s application, anyway? Well, the company understands that 3D printing technology will be extremely crucial and important for future reference, and the best way to make children understand about the function and usage of the technology is by engaging them in a fun and enjoyable activity. These kids can learn about the proper usage and ways to use the printer while doing it in the most fun ways. That’s why they have developed several programs which they believe will be appealing and interesting for these kids.

Starting from acquiring Modio (which is designed especially for iPad), they developed Tinkerplay, a special application that incorporates intuitive, simple, and enjoyable model construction that will be ready for 3D printing process. There won’t be any additional support material or additional rafts for the printing purpose, but Autodesk has added functionality, parts, and also features to the app. The app is designed to appeal children in 3D modeling and designing so they will be interested in designing their own creation, coloring them, printing them in 3D models. The kids are also given the freedom to design everything on their own or use the already provided templates.

Although this app is originally designed for kids, adults can also use it. Those with young spirits at heart can always make changes or tweaks into the application. Since the implementation is easy, everyone can use it. The drag and drop feature makes everything simpler and easier. If the user wants to challenge themselves, they can always create their own models. For this purpose, however, Autodesk has bigger and expanded Tinkercad app that has more complete features that will make the objects look real. When colors are incorporated, the printer can process the colored parts into one whole piece that can be assembled together.

The Tinkerplay app is now available for Windows, Android, and also iPad operating system that encourage at-home play and experiments. Although this app can be done and implemented on class based activity, kids are free to tweak their creative skills at home. After all, this app is originally designed for a new generation that has learned to swipe stuffs and tinker with various mobile gadgets, even before they learn to walk.

Free of Charge App from Autodesk

In relation to Autodesk’s plan to make Tinkerplay available for at home experiments and individual learning process, they also provide free application to middle school and high school students in the US. This app is given as a part of Obama’s ConnectEd project. The company is known for its concern and dedication for the education, and they have offered Fusion 360 and AutoCAD so far for educational use all around the world. With this free application, around 680 millions of students will be able to engage in this fun program, either at home or in the classroom. Another cool thing is that the company also provides teaching resources as well as project ideas.


If you go into the official website, you will be given a link where you can download the software for free. The application is free for teachers, students, and also academic institutions around the world because the company believes in education. You can download the app from the provided link, and you can also access the links for academic institutions as well as for teachers and students. And the free projects and lessons are also included, so you can get everything you want without fuss. You can tweak your way around the learning resources since everything has been available and provided for you.

It is a good thing that at least a certain company and developer has deep interest in education and dedicate themselves in developing a handy app that is truly beneficial for the sake of students as well as developing their interests in learning new sciences in the most fun and engaging ways. Kids and students can learn about creating, designing, and making their own toys, as well as getting familiar with the learning curves. And with the help of today’s most current technology, nothing is impossible anymore.